Christina Workman

That's me!

I make WordPress sites. This one is a work in progress. It's purpose is to highlight some things that make me unique.


My WordPress Passions

I love to talk about contributing and accessibility

Contributor Advocate

I love the WordPress community. The things I've learned and the people I've met have contributed greatly to who and where I am today. Some reasons it's great to contribute to WordPress:

  • giving back and paying forward
  • helping grow and influence the direction of WordPress
  • keeping the community alive
  • learning and improving skills

Accessibility Ally

I started learning about website accessibility several years ago because I wanted to be a better site builder. Back then I had a pretty narrow understanding of the role of accessibility on websites, and I didn't think I was impacted personally. A lot has happened since then:

  • I learned accessibility needs to be considered with content and code, as well as design;
  • I realized I have experiences with temporary and situational disabilities;
  • I recognized I have a neuro-fun family, which 100% includes me.

Accessible websites benefit everyone, and while it does require time and effort, it's worth it and it's the right thing to do.

Important Facts About Me

You never know when there might be a quiz about this

loves purple


types "accessibility" right the first time


adds milk to tea


suffers from Imposter Syndrome


Lyrics I'm Amused By

Because I've recently become obsessed with Sparks, and you should too!

The Sparks Brothers soundtrack album cover

My computer girl
She's got no arms
She's got no legs
For computers have no limbs

Lil Beethoven album cove

I married myself
I’m very happy together.

Two Hands One Mouth album cover

Dinner for twelve is now dinner for ten
'Cause I'm under the table with her

In Outer Space album cover

I wish I looked a little better
I wish I looked a little better

Big Beat album cover

Everybody's stupid, that's for sure


Music that you can dance to
That and that alone is enough for me
Stark naked modern music
Hotter than your momma will ever be